Customer Cases

Sudden replacement of the managing director

The managing director of a medium-sized building services company fell off the roof and was seriously injured. The company took control of the situation by appointing an interim manager from LEAD Partners to lead the company for a fixed time period. In the end, the new permanent managing director was given a thorough task-related orientation.

Implementing a growth strategy

A capital investor wanted to accelerate the growth of a company whose business operations consist of free time activities for families with children. The aim was to strengthen the company’s market leadership and to grow the business with a rapid push forward. The company’s existing financial management resources were inadequate. The lack of competence and resources was solved by hiring an interim CFO from LEAD Partners. The primary tasks included managing the company finances as well as assisting the CEO and the board with corporate acquisitions. In the end, the new recruited CFO went through a task-related orientation process before starting.

Takeover of a business

An energy company acquired the business operations of a foreign competitor. Due to the nature of the business, it was crucial to succeed in the takeover of the acquired operations’ information systems. A LEAD Partners interim manager served as a project manager ensuring the success of the operation.

Assisting a company in the IPO process

A company specialised in building services, engineering and reconstruction was getting ready for the IPO (Initial Public Offering). The company’s financial management, accounting and reporting had to quickly be made fit for listing. An interim manager from LEAD Partners assisted the CFO of the company in the listing project.

Strategic planning process renewal in a public company

A company wanted to implement a change in how they run the strategic planning process. In parallel, they were doing a larger organisational change and a breakaway from their traditional business model. LEAD Partners utilised their vast experience and led a management-engaging strategic planning process built around different future scenarios. Drawing from the renewed strategy, the company implemented a significant organisational change and realigned their organisational structure.

Sounding board for the CEO

LEAD Partners has implemented various one-day sparring sessions for CEOs. The sessions are carefully planned cooperatively in advance and they focus on the most crucial areas.

Developing solution selling

A listed multinational company implemented a broad training program for its key personnel. One of the focal areas was developing their skills in solution sales. LEAD Partners implemented a solution selling training program for the company’s sales and product managers.

A quick business analysis

LEAD Partners has conducted several quick business analyses at the requests of investors or heads of insolvency process.

Redesign of the management system

Two medium-sized ICT companies merged. The management system had to be redesigned rapidly. LEAD Partners designed the new management system in cooperation with the key personnel of the company and served as a chairman of the management team for a fixed period.

Competitive simulation

A big state-owned corporation wanted to get ready for a significant turmoil in the business they were in. The highly regulated business environment was about to open up for competition. LEAD Partners prepared and conducted a vast competitive environment simulation. A shadow competitor was established. Its role was to constantly challenge the business operations of the current corporation with new business models. Several eye-opening scenarios and their effects on business operations were made visible and tangible.

Strategic turnaround

An old and unprofitable business unit required a new strategy. LEAD Partners was committed to carrying out this task on a multi-year contract. According to the new strategy, the unit’s business operations were realigned from business-to-consumer to business-to-professionals.

Managing business operations during insolvency or restructuring

LEAD Partners has managed many companies’ business operations during insolvency or restructuring.

Worth Checking Out

Better Business with Advisory Board

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